Why Wedding Photographers Are Using Instagram to Help Couples Compile All Their Guest Photos

As a professional wedding photographer, it’s obviously your job to create spectacular images of the bride, groom, their guests, and their entire experience over that special day. But, you can also aid them in managing all the beautiful images their friends and family will capture too for an added service your clients are sure to appreciate.

Technology to the Rescue

At one point this would be asking way too much of a professional wedding photographer. However, with the technology available today, that’s just not so anymore. In fact, you can easily provide this extra to your clients with the use of the free online service Instagram.
Many people already know what Instagram is all about, but since others don’t - Instagram is an online media sharing service that allows individuals to upload photos they take, add effects, and share them easily with others.

The Hashtag

The main thing you’ll need to do to help your clients keep their wedding photos organized using Instagram is show them how to choose a hashtag. The hashtag (#) is the way Instagram sorts through the hundreds of thousands of photos and videos they get each day to get you the ones you’re looking for. Guests will need to use that hashtag when they upload their photos to the online service and to search for the wedding photos others have uploaded to Instagram as well.

Most couples choose a hashtag that uses their initials or last name + wed. So for example, if Kellie and Bob Verro were getting married - they might choose #KBwed or #VerroWed as their Instagram hashtag. But, be sure to remind your clients to search Instagram first in order to be sure the hashtag they choose hasn’t been used before!

Compile These Photos into a Special Wedding Album Page

In addition to showing the couple how to use Instagram to compile all the photos their guests take, you can also help them select the best images to use for a special page in their wedding album. This makes an excellent addition to any style wedding album your clients choose, and one they’re always very glad to have.
When you offer unique “extras” like this you set yourself apart and show your clients you’re a professional wedding photographer that will provide them with the very best, most up to date service possible.

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