Choosing the place most adapted to a wedding photo shoot will make your professionalism stand out.

The perfect location

Follow these simple rules to make the bride and groom appreciate you as a photographer.

1) Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Before the wedding always do an inspection of the church and its surroundings. Explore the reception location. This will help you choose the best locations to take photos.

2) Propose Locations

You didn’t choose the church, but finding the best locations within it are part of your responsibility. Some churches have a cloister that lends itself very well to taking photos of the bride and groom.

3) Don’t Overlook the Opportunities

The interesting little glimpses of the wedding can also be found on the walkway leading to the church and the location of the reception. Don’t leave them out.

4) Reach an Agreement

Arrange an agreement with the bride and groom regarding the places that have precedence for taking "posed" photos. These places must please, above all, the bride and groom.

5) Choose Suitable Places

Use a location that works in harmony with your photography style and also with the characteristics of the bride and groom. Find out what their tastes and hobbies are.

6) Many Locations

Try to propose different locations. You will please the bride and groom by photographing them in various places.

7) Get Them Involved

Take a series of photos in places more adapted to your photography style and show them to the future bride and groom. Having them involved in the choice will have them appreciating the wedding album even more.

8) Don’t Get Discouraged

If the location isn’t for you, don’t get discouraged. Try to make the most of the situation and the little things that may seem insignificant. A flowerbed, a staircase, a crumbling old wall can be useful as backgrounds for your images.

9) Propose the "When"

You decide the time frame of the photography session. Remember that natural light is better in the morning hours or also in the evening, just before sunset.

10) Always Be Positive

Even on a rainy day you can provide interesting ideas. Focus primarily on colors and rain drops. Try shooting portraits behind a rainy window pane. Your creativity will be appreciated.

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