Every type of photography requires that you use specific equipment, and your wedding photography is no exception. When photographing a wedding, be sure to have light, compact equipment and make sure your kit is complete. This will ensure that you capture all important shots, whether posed or spur of the moment.

Equipment for a wedding shooting

Discover the essential camera equipment needed by every wedding photographer in this article!

1) Have 2 Camera Bodies In Your Bag

It’s important to have a back up camera in case one becomes unusable. Another good idea is to have one type of lens attached to one camera body, and a different lens attached to the other. This will allow you to have your preferred focal lengths available when you photograph the wedding.

2) Which Lenses? How Many?

The set of lenses must be complete. It’s best to have three of them on hand.

  • A Wide Angle Lens
  • A Telephoto Lens
  • A High Luminosity Lens

With these three lenses, you will be able to comfortably shoot photos for any wedding.

3) Remember The Flash

Don’t forget to put a flash in your bag. You will need it to illuminate areas and subjects that would normally be too dark, such as a shady area.

4) The Importance Of The Tripod

Among your equipment should also be the tripod. This is very important. It should be light-weight, but strong. It will help you with numerous shots, so you can capture the beauty of the natural light.

5) High Capacity Memory Cards

Don’t forget to have four or five memory cards in your bag, with plenty of memory available! When you shoot in RAW, you’ll always need a lot of memory space.

6) Extra Batteries

Remember to bring at least one extra battery for each camera body, as well as for the flash. You should always ensure that you have some back-up batteries, to make sure you don’t miss out on any special moments during the wedding.

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