Must have shots for the wedding album

The photos inside of a wedding album are the chronicle of an event, and you have to capture all of the moments of that event. Some of these you absolutely cannot forget, if you want your album to be appreciated.

1) The Bride As She Dresses

This moment, for the bride, is the beginning of a new life. Take a lot of portrait shots. Be sure to take both full length and close-ups of the particulars of her dress/accessories. You will need them in order to make your wedding album more appealing.

2) Groups Are Important

Don’t forget to photograph relatives and friends of the bride and groom. It’s always useful to take group photos. Do some of the couple with his friends, her friends, and with each one’s respective parents.

3) The Bride Entering the Church

On her father’s arm, slowly making her entrance into the church. Its one of those moments that you can’t leave out of the wedding album. Get this shot in the best angle possible, also with different lenses. Arrange beforehand with the bride so that she enters slowly, so you will have more time to get the shots.

4) Exchanging Rings

This is the climax of the ceremony, and in a wedding album the images have to produce good results. Try to have a second photographer simultaneously shooting with you, but from a different angle. The ring exchange shot goes well either from the groom’s side or the bride’s side.

5) Signing the Register

This is another moment that you can’t leave out of the album. In addition to the bride and groom, remember to also photograph the best man and maid of honor as they sign.

6) The Cake and the Toast

The highlight of the luncheon or reception is the cutting of the cake, followed by the toast. You can’t miss capturing these images from various angles.

7) The Kiss

The kiss, or rather kisses, shared between the bride and groom tell their love story and the happiness of the moment. Give these shots one or two pages in the album. You’ll make them so happy!

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