In order to create a beautiful wedding album, you can't just take beautiful photos. You also have to know how to design them for the pages of the album.

Choose the right template

It's very important to choose the layout, or so-called template, that best suits your client.

1) The Importance of the Layout

The best template is one that give the most value to your photography. The layout doesn't have to detract attention from the images, rather emphasize them. Simple graphics and minimal style are the ones to use.

2) Clean and Simple Layout

Consider that the wedding album is destined to last throughout time and will be seen with a certain frequency. For this reason, the template of the wedding album should be created with a clean and simple design, without unnecessary frills and frivols.

3) Choose the Template According to the Style of the Photos

The template of the wedding album needs to adapt to your photographic style, not the contrary. A reportage photography style requires a more blurred template layout, with more images (even if they are small.) If the style of your photos is imprinted with the artistic composition of the image, then the template should have a tranquil design, created with large photos (some filling the full two-page spread.)

4) Create Your Template

The best layout program is one that allows you to create templates for wedding albums, according to your needs and those of your customers. It should be easy to use, fast and not require particular graphic knowledge. Once you have created your layout, you should be able to use it as many times as you like.

5) Choose a Pre-Designed Template

You don't have time to create a template for a wedding album? Don't worry, a good template program will offer you the help you need. They should be helpful, ready to use, easily adaptable to various styles and offer you a large variety of choices. If you don't find something that satisfies your tastes, find one that will create a template more suitable to you.

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