If you’re a professional wedding photographer, you’re likely familiar with this situation - It’s time to design the wedding album and you’ve still got way too many images to process.

How to organize the post production workflow

A more efficient post production workflow can change all that though. When you create a way to do your post production work that keeps the process flowing efficiently you’ll be able to offer up your best photos to your clients; and they’ll be edited and prepped for the wedding album in less time and with fewer headaches too!

Although every photographer’s workflow will ultimately be different, here are a few tips to get you started that will apply to most wedding and special event photographers.

Avoid Keeping Too Many Photos

Neither you nor your clients will benefit from you keeping too many prints to choose from. Be very critical and keep ONLY your best photos to save you and your clients the time and indecision reviewing too many photos can create.

Perform Tasks in Bulk

Whenever possible plan to do tasks in bulk. For example, choose a bi-weekly day to place your wedding album orders, another day for meeting with clients, another for photo editing etc. This way you’re switching gears less and getting way more done in the end.

Find the Right Post Production Software

Processing the multitude of digital images you have even from just one wedding can get to be a huge job. From Lightroom to Photoshop and so many others, finding the right post production software for your professional photography business will save you tons of post-production time, and allow you to produce better images for your clients as well.

Once you’re able to streamline your post production workflow and make it as efficient as possible, your photography business will take less of your time, be much more fun, and will make you even more money than ever. Not only that though, you’ll be able to produce beautiful images your clients will be proud to display in their wedding albums to mark their special day for many years to come.

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