Not all albums are the same.

The success of a wedding album depends on many factors, apart from just the beautiful photos that go on the pages. A wedding album is an object meant to last throughout time and to be looked at in many years to come.

It’s because of this that certain requirements must be fulfilled when creating a wedding album.

Here you are 5 rules for a quality wedding album

1) The Choice of Paper

The paper which the images are printed on must be among the best. It’s not important if the finish is glossy or matte, since each client will have different tastes. It’s important to choose a paper that lasts and maintains the original colors of the images. Today you can find many papers that are guaranteed for a hundred years or more. Choose these!

2) Quality Materials

Creating a wedding album that stands the tests of time is very important. In able to achieve this, you must choose high quality materials, which guarantee to last for years, even if they are not preserved in optimal conditions: Leathers, cardboards and canvases have to be of the highest quality. Saving money on materials is never a good deal!

3) Pay Attention to the Particulars

It’s most often the finishing touches that make a difference. Hurrying through the binding process or using poor materials on the outside of the album will ruin all of your hard work!

4) Don’t Overlook the Design Layout

The graphic design of the album is very important. You should choose a template that balances elegance with simplicity. Styles and trends change over time, and an album with a template that is trendy at the moment might not be so in the future. Just remember to keep it simple.

5) Be Careful of the Images Captured

Some albums may be made of high quality materials, but on the inside they lack quality images. Be careful when your shooting photos, taking into consideration lighting, location and potential extras that may add to the final image. Aim for simple and elegant. These are the secrets to creating a high quality wedding album. You want to impress with your quality: both in photography skills and the album product that you offer. Stay away from low quality materials and exaggerating with the design.

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