Browsing through a wedding album should be enjoyable, remembering the event and meeting the expectations of the person looking at the album.

Don't abuse of graphic effects

The programs available to help you during the post-production process are helpful, but they offer a large variety of graphics that can yield an excessive album design. It’s easy to add effects to images, which often leads people to abusing them. A professional photographer, when creating a wedding album, should have these 3 fundamental rules in mind.

Discover what they are by reading this article!

1) Don’t Abuse The Graphics

A wedding album is not a catalog of the various graphics available in your design software. When trying to attract attention, repeatedly using the same graphic and have the opposite effect. The more simple and linear the design layout is, the more effective it will be.

2) Avoid Graphics That Deform

The graphics that deform faces and transforms them into caricatures may get a smile out of some, but they aren’t appreciated in wedding albums. This album is meant to serve as a memory in years to come, and couples want to remember the magical moments of their special day.

3) Take Advantage Of The Shooting Time

A true wedding photographer should have the ability to capture quality images during the event, rather than relying so heavily on the post-production process. This is usually the refuge of low-quality photographers that want to impress with graphics and effects. The image should bring to light the happiness of the event, not create a surreal atmosphere that doesn’t exist!

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