If you have the opportunity to photograph a bride and groom that have chosen to use a vintage car in their ceremony in some way, incorporating the car into the wedding photos can help create some very special images for the couple. There’s a range of different ways to use classic cars and even sports cars when you’re photographing weddings; here are just a few ideas.

Before the Ceremony

Use the vintage car as a backdrop to the images you take prior to the start of the ceremony. You can shoot the grooms men in and around the car before they get ready and after. Capture the bride and bride’s maids in the back seat on their way to the ceremony. A profile of the bride through the car window can help create a beautiful vintage style image as well.

On the Way to the Reception

Photographing the couple and the vintage car after the wedding ceremony and on the way to the reception can be done in a myriad of ways including in front of the ceremony location, and on the road to the reception. You can also photograph the new couple and the car in a special location during this time too like on the coast, in a park, in front of their new home, or other meaningful outdoor location like this.

During the Reception

You can incorporate the vintage car into the reception photos by capturing the bridal party and even some guests such as the parents of the bride and groom by the car. Photograph the vehicle in front of and/or surrounded by the reception location as well both with and without the couple.

The End of the Evening

The couple’s getaway at the end of the evening is a prime opportunity for wedding photos that incorporate the vintage car. From capturing the couple running to the car, to them driving away you can get a lot of great shots with the car at this point in the event. If it’s a convertible consider having the bride throw her bouquet out of the car as she leaves for even more spectacular wedding photos with the vintage car.

Depending on the vehicle your couple has chosen, you may want to add some special effects to the wedding pictures like muted colors as well as some simple black and white shots. This will help take these photos back to the time of the vehicle. You won’t want to do this with all of the images of course, but some wedding photos that seem as though they’d lend themselves well to a touch of vintage styling can be enhanced this way for an effect the bride and groom are sure to appreciate.

For some couples the vehicle is just a part of the ceremony, for others their vintage car is integral to who they are and is a definitive part of their special day. Either way, including the classic car, sports car, or other type of vintage automobile they’ve chosen in your plan for their wedding photos can allow you to capture beautifully unique images that will be cherished by the couple forever.

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