You can’t just be a “great wedding photographer” in order to be successful in the wedding photography industry. Selecting the best lenses, finding the lighting that gives the most effect, choosing the most captivating location are all important capabilities, but they’re not enough.

The secret of success in wedding photography

A wedding photography service is something that will happen once in a lifetime. Because of this, it should be sold in the best way possible. In order to be successful you can’t offer just beautiful photos, but also a high quality wedding album. It’s the added value that makes the difference.

1) The Initial Approach

The first impression is what strongly influences the working relationship. Dressing neatly but elegantly is first and foremost. You are a serious professional, not a person that is playing an artist’s role. The environment where you will receive future brides and grooms should be well-lit and simply furnished.

2) Be a Psychologist

Always put your clients at ease. Don’t leave the impression of being there just to sell a wedding photography service. Begin with a conversation that isn’t finalizing the sale. A compliment to the future bride never fails.

3) All Solutions Are Equally Beautiful

Don’t offer the bride and groom a wedding album, photos and video based on a price scale. It’s frustrating to be considered based on how much one wants to spend. Present your options by explaining the respective advantages; how much more you offer in one service than another one. Never tell them that one service is “poorer” than another. You’ll diminish you’re professionalism. Say that the quality of both services is the same, but the more expensive one contains more things, not a lower quality.

4) Follow the Bride and Groom Until the Wedding Day

Once you have concluded the contract and received a deposit, don’t abandon the bride and groom until their wedding day. Make yourself known with an occasional phone call. Find out if everything is going well. Eventually offer to help them resolve their little problems, maybe by offering something more than the original agreement. It should be something that is already calculated into the cost.

5) Fast Delivery

Don’t make the bride and groom wait for the delivery of their wedding photography. Punctuality is not only a courtesy, but a good marketing technique. An added value to the service is also being able to deliver a few images before the wedding guests do.

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