Being a skilled photographer isn't enough by itself if you want to sell wedding albums.

Advices to increase the wedding shots

You need to be business savvy and give the album the credit that it deserves. If you want to increase your business and double your photography sales, then consider these three things:

1) Welcoming the Client

The aspect of your studio or the place where you greet clients who come to order an album is very important. It should be pleasant, well lit and furnished with style. Avoid typical office furniture. Add a touch of your photographic creativity to the staging. A business card is also important.

2) Present Yourself Professionally

Your aspect is also important. How you dress and how you receive a client reveals your photographic taste and your availability. You don't want to dress in a shabby manner, nor go to any extremes. Always greet clients with a smile. Be positive, even if you have problems. They are yours, not your clients'. You don't want them to resent you. Put your clients at ease in a way that they will look comfortably at the examples of your wedding photography. Offer them something to drink, either hot or cold depending on the season.

3) Show Availability and Offer a Complimentary Gift

You are a serious professional, not an untrustworthy artist. Always show that you are available. During the wedding you won't just take traditional photos. Try to take alternative shots and propose them to the client. Don't forget to give them a small gift after you deliver their album: a framed photo or an album that they can give to the parents. Free is always appreciated!

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