Photography has been an important part of weddings for many years. In the beginning it was simple; a portrait of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and that was about it. Today though wedding photography has evolved into a range of different ideas, styles, and traditions that have enabled photographers to offer a bride and groom more options for documenting their special day than ever before.

What is Reportage Wedding Photography?

One of the newer styles of wedding photography is called reportage. Amacord Studio, a reportage style wedding photographer based in Italy, describes this style of photography as telling a story in a realistic, yet beautiful and unforgettable way. With this in mind, when shooting a reportage style wedding the photographer often remains in the periphery, capturing moments as they happen. This process results in a large number of images that are then sorted, edited, and organized into a wedding album that isn’t just a photo album, but, instead, a story book that speaks through its images.

reportage wedding photography

How is it Different from Traditional Wedding Photography?

Both traditional and reportage wedding photography offer couples the ability to capture their event, but the process is quite different. Traditional wedding photography is made up of pre planned shots that although they may seem “in the moment” are usually reenacted. When photographers shoot a reportage style wedding on the other hand the images are shot during the event itself in a candid way.

For the bride and groom, as well as all their guests, shooting a reportage style wedding will mean that they really don’t have to think about the photography that day; it will simply go on around them. However, a great deal of planning and communication will happen beforehand. Having a good relationship with the couple, understanding their story, and knowing the location(s) before the wedding is essential for a reportage wedding photographer. Then, during the actual event, everyone is comfortable and the photographer is able to capture meaningful, candid shots.

While this style of photography is not new (it’s been used for documentary magazines, news articles, etc. for many years) it is new to weddings; and the results have been very positive. Couples are happy, photographers are having a great time, and, the resulting images are spectacular. Not only that though, because reportage wedding photography sets out to tell a story with the images captured, when a couple looks at their wedding album years later, that story of their special day is told each time; which is priceless.

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