A good wedding photographer doesn’t just snap photos. In order to be successful, you should also be able to manage of yourself, be capable of acquiring clients and knowing how to keep them.

Be the manager of yourself

Like every good manager, you must sell your brand in the most effective way possible: by selling yourself. It’s important to propose wedding albums and your services in a professional manner. So if you want to be a quality wedding photographer, don’t forget to put these five simple rules into practice.

1) Present Yourself Well

You don’t want introduce yourself to clients in untidy, unkempt clothing, but remember not to exaggerate with an over-the-top style. The client should view you as a serious professional, not as an extremist.

2) Always Deliver What You Promised

Always keep the promises you made in the moment you booked the job. Above all, don’t add additional costs without having first discussed them with your clients. These types of surprises are never appreciated!

3) Fulfill the Clients’ Requests…Without Exaggerating

Remember that the client is always right…within reason. You are the professional photographer that should advise them to the best of your abilities. Do it in such a way that they come across as suggestions and not demands.

4) Your Choices Become Your Clients’ Choices

A quality wedding photographer knows how to suggest location, type of wedding album and album design in such a way that the couple feels that it was their idea. Engaging their interest from the very beginning is always a good idea.

5) Try Not to Work Clients With Too Many Deals and Offers

Avoid offering too many “deals” to your clients. They can find coupons and special offers at the supermarket. Excessively making offers and suggesting too many promotions (types of albums, adding a poster to the package, types of photos to print, etc.) can often be counter productive.

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