It is not the cowl that makes the monk… unless you are a wedding photographer. The way you dress, how you behave, what equipment you use will qualify you as a professional.

Do not miss this article and find out 20 simple tips to act as professional photographer.

  1. Your cameras must be perceived as “professional”.
  2. Use high-level reflex cameras.
  3. Bring at least two cameras and a good number of accessories, although you will not use them all.
  4. Your camera should not be mistaken with those used by the guests.
  5. A tripod, and a light source attached to the camera will give you the look of serious video maker.
  6. The true professional is invisible. You must know how to move, without disturbing the ceremony. A prior meeting with the priest can be useful.
  7. Avoid getting dressed like a “photographer”. Only amateurs exceed in multi-pocket jackets, military-style pants and similar clothes.
  8. The flash is little used by the amateur. Use it even in bright light to lighten the shadows.
  9. When you take pictures do not be invasive and do not hesitate.
  10. Punctuality is a true professional attitude. Be always on time.
  11. If you plan a photo session in your studio, prepare the set before the spouses get there.
  12. Before shooting portraits, explain what kind of image you want to achieve. The professional knows in advance what he wants, the amateur extemporizes.
  13. You’re photographing a wedding, dress in a simple but adequate way.
  14. Visit in advance the church and the location chosen by the spouses. The professional photographer does not leave anything to fate.
  15. When you have the chance, unveil some little photographic “trick” to the spouses. A true professional has always some skills to share.
  16. In most customers' imaginary a professional always has an assistant. If you do not have any, brings a compliant friend with you.
  17. Do not give the impression to delegate anything to your assistant. The true professional does not delegate, he supervises.
  18. Be always prepared for any unforeseen situation: schedule changes, weather conditions…
  19. For any shooting situation try to have an alternative. It’s always helpful to have several options.
  20. Respect the time of delivery.

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