How to photograph the bride

Following on the series on posing tips for wedding photographers we shall be looking at some tips to photograph the bride in this article.

Hand positions

It is highly unlikely that the bride is a professional model, meaning one mistake that she is likely to do is keep her hands in an unnatural position. If she is clutching on to the bouquet as if her life depends on it, ask her to relax, take a deep breath and take one hand off of it. Let the other hand along the side at a slight gap from the body. The bride could achieve this by slightly lifting her arm towards the side.

Smiles and laughter

It is definitely an art to know how to engage your subject so that she gives a hearty laugh. Any member of the family who can crack some funny punchlines is a real asset. If you have exceptional conversational skills and enjoy a good rapport with the couple, even you could do this. A good hearty laugh shows through in an image.

Shooting through the bridal veil

This is an excellent way to use a prop that’s actually part of the bride’s dress. There are hundreds of poses that you could conjure up just with a veil. But one problem with shooting through the veil is you will need to use manual focusing. In auto-focusing mode the camera will always tend to focus on the veil rather than the person behind.

Avoiding double chin

Double chin is a problem which is not native to overweight brides alone. Even skinner brides could suffer from it, which is why it is necessary to know the posing secret to avoid it. Ask the bride to slightly extend her neck and lift the chin up when photographing. Another trick that you could employ is to shoot from an elevated position.

Avoid the straight-on look

This never works unless you have a very professional looking group shot. Even then it is better to pose at a slight angle than looking straight at the camera. Straight-on looks are so boring and they also tend to make the subject looker stiffer than she actually is. Instead, ask her to stand at an angle of about 45 degrees to the camera. Instruct her to place one hand on her hips, while letting the other one hang by the side. She should look straight towards the camera while slightly extending the neck. The sharp angle will melt away some unwanted inches off her waistline making her look thinner.

The S-curve and the C-curve

These are two basic poses that are natural and can be done almost with no effort. The C-curve is all about making the figure C using the body. For some reason I prefer this pose for the bridesmaids, more than the bride herself. For the bride the S-curve is what I prefer. This is again making the figure S using the body. This is a much more free-flowing pose and goes naturally with the female body.

The un-posed moments

There are hundreds of different moments in a typical wedding that don’t need any posing at all. In any ways these moments can never be posed. These are instantaneous expressions of emotion. All you need is a good eye, an intuitive mind and fast hands to capture them. These moments can be anything from a nervous first look to a drop of tear running down the father of the bride’s face to a smile that means a