Posing is an integral aspect of wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer this is one area that you need to have a good degree of proficiency in, if you wish to capture good wedding photos. Wedding photographers, especially those who have just started their business, often disregard this vital aspect of their profession. This results in poor, often very bland to sometimes even shocking compositions, which they themselves feel ashamed of owning after a while.

One of the easiest ways to compose good couple images is to follow some of the basic rules of photography. Almost all of these rules are known to you and you already adhere to them when composing your images. These include adhering the rule of thirds, focusing on the eyes, using the correct metering mode, using lines and patterns, not keeping the horizon line bang in the middle of the frame etc. All you need to do is to bring all those together so that you can create those beautiful shots that you see made by other professional wedding photographers.

Initially, when you begin shooting, couples tend to show some hesitations and uneasiness, which is very normal in the circumstances. It could be the bride or the groom or both. If you are shooting straight the wedding without having shot a pre-wedding session, this is harder. This is why pre-wedding sessions are so vital. It is the time for the couple to know their wedding photographer and vice-versa.

Some posing tips

It is always better to try the less complicated pose first. The first pose that you could try is a simple one where the bride and groom is standing close to each other with their foreheads slightly touching (if they are of similar height). Else, you could ask the bride to rest her head on the groom’s chest. Ask her to place a hand on the shoulder of the groom. They could be looking at each other, which is fine. Alternatively, you could ask them to look at the camera. There is a lot that you could do in terms of experimentation with his very basic pose.

Another very simple yet very beautiful pose is where the groom gives a firm hug to his bride from behind. It is a reassuring pose that comes off beautifully in a photo if it’s done with attention to detail. The hand position should be natural. The groom’s hands wrapping around the bride while her hands are overlapping that of the groom. For this pose it is best if the bride and groom are looking at each other instead of the camera, though the latter could work too in some situations. Making them smile naturally is a challenge and this is where your interpersonal skills come into play. If everything clicks this could be an image for the living room wall of the newly wed.

For those who love shooting outdoors and especially want to incorporate the background in their images this is a great shot to replicate. In this the bride and the groom could be holding hands but looking away from the camera. Their backs are facing the camera but at an angle. This shot can work with both sunrise and sunset. Incorporate the background by using a smaller f-number and metering for the ambient light (and thereby the scene). Later on add some artificial light to illuminate the couple. Make sure that a sizeable portion of their faces be visible in the frame along with their eyes. At any cost you don’t want to have a situation where your couple is unidentifiable in the final image.