Everyone wants to capture unique images for their wedding albums; and for many, Trash the Dress photos are the way to do just this. Trash the Dress wedding photos have become increasingly popular in recent years and involve taking some additional pictures of the bride and groom after the wedding, but in their bridal attire.

Trash the Dress Wedding Locations and situations

These pictures are staged in locations and situations you’d never think of putting a couple into before the wedding because their beautiful clothes would get, well, trashed! After the ceremony however there are seemingly endless possibilities available if the couple doesn’t mind taking a chance and potentially messing up their wedding attire. Some popular locations for “Trash the Dress” wedding photo shoots include:

  • Underwater
  • On the Farm
  • In the Mountains
  • At an Amusement Park
  • Parasailing
  • Hang Gliding
  • At the Beach
  • In the Garden

Generally, the location for trash the dress wedding photos is chosen because it’s meaningful to the couple in some way. For example, shooting the couple in the surf, or scubadiving in their wedding clothes is very popular for destination weddings. Or, if the couple enjoys hiking or camping, setting up a shoot on the trail is perfect for a trash the dress session.

Trash the Dress Wedding goal

The goal isn’t necessarily to totally wreck the wedding dress; although there is a fairly famous story of a woman setting her dress on fire, while she was wearing it, for her trash the dress wedding photos! It is likely, however, that the dress will at least get stained, if not torn or worse.

But, what else happens to these lovely wedding clothes? Usually they just hang in the closet forever. Giving these beautiful pieces one last hurrah to get some incredibly memorable images for the wedding album is often a fun, and welcome option many couples really enjoy – even though it may totally trash their wedding clothes.

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