There are a few essential composition rules that you must learn in order to be a good photographer.

Tips for more beautiful photos

Our suggestions will help you to create more beautiful images, which you can proudly showcase to your clients/ potential clients.

1) Snapping Photos Of Children From Above

In order to take a beautiful portrait image of a child, you shouldn't shoot the image from your height, aiming down toward the child. You should get down eye-level with them, so that he or she will appear proportionate. If you take the photo from your height, the child's head will appear too large.

2) Taking Panoramic Photos With Too Much Sky

In a panoramic photo, you need to be careful not to include to much of the sky in the shot. It should not occupy more than one third of the frame. If it occupies a larger proportion, the little details of the landscape and everything else will be less noticeable.

3) Be Careful Not To Make the Horizon Line Crooked

The horizon line, in any type of photography, should be parallel to the bottom line of the frame. A horizon, particularly the sea, shouldn't be lined up on the left or right hand sides. Don't snap photos in a hurry, just take your time to compose the scene well before clicking the button.

4) Avoid Photographing A Flat Landscape

In order to avoid a landscape image with no depth, it's important to frame a fifth of the image in the foreground. It could be a tree, a house, a bush or a flower. It's called "fifth" because it has the same function of that in a theatre: giving depth to the scene. Remember, this subject must be placed on either side of the frame, and never in the center.

5) Leave The Space In Front Of Moving Objects!

When you frame a subject that is in motion, such as a person that is walking or a motorcycle on the track, you have to do it in a way that leaves more open space in front of the subject than behind it. By doing this, you will be able to give viewers the impression and feeling of movement.

You now know the 5 simple rules. Use them! Your images will be appreciated by all and they will help you appear more professional to clients.

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