Photo shooting at a wedding should never be an end in itself. You can take advantage of your working time taking pictures of grooms and brides, guests, or other subjects just as useful and interesting, for example the location, the church and the restaurant where the event takes place.

You can sell these extra pictures online, to a serious stock photo agency that will put them on its website and offer them worldwide. 

Stock Photo Agencies

Thanks to Internet, images can be easily shared. Stock photo agencies have seized this opportunity and have created websites where you can find pictures of any kind. Stock photo agencies put online collections of photographs, divided into categories, which can be seen by millions of people. You can also catch this opportunity, taking alternative photos at every wedding, which can be sold online through stock agencies.

Which images can be interesting?

There is a full range of opportunities out there. The interior of the church, for example or architectural details, the flower decorations, details of clothing, hats, the ring of the spouses. The outdoor scenario will offer even more possibilities. Rural, town, or anywhere else, always consider the surroundings and take panoramic pictures if it's possible. Loaded on the site of the stock agencies, even these pictures might be useful to equip a company brochure or an advertisement. And they can give you the opportunity of an extra earning, beyond the compensation agreed for the wedding.

Banquet and Restaurant

Once at the restaurant, you have endless handy opportunities. You can portrait the location, of course, but also the refreshment table, the compositions, or the dishes that are served to the guests. Aside putting your extra pictures on sale in stock agencies, you can also use them to give a different touch to the wedding photo album with a gallery of images depicting the courses served at the banquet.

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Written by Venice Album — Marketing Office