New York City offers countless choices of exciting locations for taking wedding pictures. Brides and grooms come to the Big Apple every day in search of special locations that will express the spirit of the most memorable day of their lives. Some of the most popular landmarks chosen include: the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central, South Street Seaport, Times Square, Meatpacking District, Prospect Park, Wall Street, Verrazano Bridge, Bronx Zoo and The New York Botanical Garden.

Unusual locations

There are, however, new and remarkable locations yet to be discovered. For the non-traditionalists who like fresh ideas, here are 3 unique choices for wedding photo shoots in New York City and surrounding areas that very few know about. These magnificent locations will help create one-of-a-kind wedding photos for those photographers who are willing to go the extra mile.

TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

The TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport is an incomparable location for a 20th century inspired wedding photo-shoot. In fact, it won't be easy for a photographer to find a more unique and exciting location. Currently a National Landmark, this building expressed the spirit of flight and of modern-age travel in 1956. Today, the building is only open to the public during the "Open House New York" weekend. The center is currently in the process of being approved for use as a hotel, which should allow for easier access to photographers.
Location Map

The Bannerman’s Castle

For couples who prefer a more romantic wedding style, one of the best new locations for a wedding photographer is the Bannerman Castle. The castle is located on the Hudson River on Pollepel island. This authentic structure will help a photographer to create breathtaking photos while re-creating the legendary romantic story of the island. Legend says that a young girl named Polly was rescued from the breaking river ice and landed on the island shore. She later married the man who rescued her at the location. This year's tours to Pollepel Island are from May 4, 2013 to October 27, 2013.
Location Map

Broken Angel House

The Broken Angel House with its unusual angles provides a dramatic backdrop for a Brooklyn/ New York borough inspired wedding photo-shoot. This location is perfect for photographers who have couples with a casual wedding style and are looking for original photo ideas.
Location Map

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