A wedding is one of the only occasions where distant friends and relatives will have the chance to gather together, and everyone wants to remember that moment. This is why your wedding photo session must include group shots.

Group photos of success

Discover the 7 secrets that will help you be successful when taking group photos!

1) Suggesting Groupings

It’s important to suggest that certain groups be photographed together: friends of the groom, friends of the bride, brothers and sisters, or colleagues. It’s up to you to organize and direct the groups for certain shots. The more you take, the more you’ll be appreciated as a photographer.

2) Draw Attention

Group photos are not easy. Once you’ve divided the groups, you still have to face the technical difficulty of how to place them. You’ll need to get everyone’s attention, so that they all know what to do for the shot. The larger the group, the more difficult the photo becomes. There’s always someone looking the wrong way or with their eyes closed. Try to get their attention, even if you have to clap your hands or make a loud noise to get the shot!

3) Get Various Shots For Each Group

You’ll need many images for each group shot. The more you have, the more likely you’ll be to have captured just the right image to use in the album.

4) Organize Groups Well

You should arrange the groups in such a way that they group appears compact in the image, and that each person is visible and equally spaced from the other.

5) Study The Surroundings

The environment for group shots is very important, as it serves as a backdrop for your photos. It should be coherent with the style of your wedding photography, as well as the style of the wedding, otherwise the group photos will be too casual and blend in with the other images.

6) Choose A Centered Location And Use A Telephoto Lens

Remember that your camera should be centrally focused, in respect to the group. If it isn’t, your photo will appear distorted. To avoid this problem, don’t use a wide angle lens, but rather a telephoto lens.

7) Study The Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting, it should be evenly dispersed on all of the members of the group.

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