Without a doubt being a wedding photographer as an exciting job. However it is also a very competitive one. There are a large number of highly-skilled professional wedding photographers out there. Some of them are simply flawless and craft perfection.

The question is how do you compete with them?

How do you convince engaged couples to choose you as their wedding photographer and not somebody else? Finding clients is always challenging, however it is also rewarding. Here are 5 tips that we hope you find helpful and bring you some new weddings to photograph.

Be unique, differentiate yourself from the crowd

You can meet prospect clients virtually everywhere at any time of the day. Be prepared for a conversation at all times. Find out what do you do differently and create a memorable example or analogy. The story behind your brand is what makes it valuable, not the technical specifications of a service or a product.

Be helpful and resourceful

Brides and grooms are often times overwhelmed with the choices they need to make about a 1000 things for their wedding. Offer valuable information and suitable help to solve a problem that they are concerned about.

Be professional

Your professional expertise and photography experience are probably the biggest reason why people are hiring you. Demonstrate your professionalism at all points of contact, in all marketing materials, everywhere online and offline where your brand is represented. Have appropriate dress code, appropriate manners, be polite and always follow up.

Meet prospects in person

Recognize the importance of meeting your prospect brides and grooms face-to-face. The phones, social media and e-mails often times create the illusion of being the best medium for communication. If you are going to spend the most memorable day of two people along taking their pictures make the effort to meet them in person as needed. You will get to know their personalities and that will help you achieve better results with their personal style in the kind of photography they are looking for.

Work with the right people

Your assistants, your sub-contractors and the vendors you are working with have to be the right ones for you and your brand. On many levels your success of failure depends on the people you work with. Choose wisely!

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