We all know that although movie stars look extraordinarily beautiful on screen and in photographs, in real life, they look much more like the rest of us.

Hollywood tricks

This glamorous, on screen look is created, in part, with the aid of tricks employed by film makers and photographers that are known for their ability to help make any person look their best on film.
Here are a few of these Hollywood photography tips and tricks you can use to give every bride and groom you photograph this same star treatment. Then, they’ll look as good as the movie stars too; and they’ll be thrilled with the pictures you took for their wedding album as a result.

Using a Wide Angle Lens

Taking some of the shots with a wide angle lens can provide a way to bring more of the scene into the photograph thereby taking some of the intense focus off of the subjects. In so doing there is an exaggeration of size that occurs that can be used to help give the objects in the foreground, your bride and groom, a unique and very beautiful effect.

Choose a Scenic Backdrop

Choosing a scenic location for at least some of the couple’s wedding photos is another way you can help cultivate that movie star look for your wedding couple, especially if you’re using a wide angle lens as mentioned above. Plus selecting a scenic backdrop for the wedding photos not only helps beautify the couple in the image, the scenery provides something all its own that will enhance the pictures as well.

HDR Photography

HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography involves taking the same photo several times in succession but at different exposure levels. These individual images are then put together post production for a picture that captures a dynamic range closer to that seen by the naked eye when compared with traditional images. For the best use of HDR in wedding photography, choose an outdoor shot with good scenery that can be taken with a wide angle lens. Clouds are an effective addition to HDR photographs, and the sunrise/sunset can maximize this effect also.


One of the nicest things you can do for all of your wedding couples is apply some filters during the post production process. An airbrush plug-in like Kodak Professional GEM can do wonders to help remove acne and beauty marks as well as smooth uneven skin, to help the bride and groom really look their best.

Used together or alone these four photography tips will make all the bridal couples you work with look their best, and, as a result, allow you to provide them with stunning images of their special day that they’ll be proud to put in their wedding album and share with their family and friends.

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