There are a million different moments in any typical wedding that are worth making a shot. As the bride or the groom it is impossible to know in advance all the shots that they want. Yes, even though it is their wedding it is the photographer (you) who is more experienced in this regard. It is a better idea to speak to your couple and decide in advance the shots that they absolutely want to have in the wedding album. Your opinion would be invaluable in this regard.

Talk with the couple

If you are the wedding photographer it would be imperative that you speak with your couple at least a few days before the wedding. This is the time when expectations are laid out and you know what you have to deliver. As your couple starts deliberating the must have shots you make a mental assessment as regards the time frame you need and the window of opportunity that you would have in order to make those shots possible. Don’t be shy to say what’s possible and what’s not. This would mitigate any possible heartburns and bitter exchanges later on.

Getting ready shots

One specific type of image that you must have are the getting ready shots. The getting ready shots are an integral part of an increasing number of wedding albums, with more and more couples willing to invest time and money in capturing those special moments. Sure, the first kiss, the exchange of vows and the first dance are important too, but when it comes to a shot of the bride with her father or anybody who is giving her away and a shot with her mother, those are very emotional moments and must haves for a wedding album.

Plan in advance

If you have been asked to cover the getting ready shots of both the bride and the groom, make sure that you have planned this in advance. It would make sense to have the getting ready shots done inside two different rooms of the same building. As a photographer you will have ample time to complete one shoot and amble across to the other room in time for the next one and then be ready to cover the wedding. As the wedding photographer plan this in advance by visiting the venue to confirm whether you can manage this on your own or need a second shooter.

The shooting set

Ideally, the room where you will be shooting should be bright, have a large window with lots of light coming through and above all must be clean. Weddings can be a messy affair, as far as behind the scenes are concerned. The last thing that you would want is to capture those messy behind the scenes for posterity. A lot of natural light means better images without artificial lighting and without the mess that can create. Speaking of artificial lights you could try for post-processing of your images including but not limited to exposure balancing, color correction and more extensive editing.

As the wedding photographer insist that the bride’s dress and accessories are ready by the time you arrive for the shoot. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before she starts getting ready. The scope for the getting ready shots will vary from culture to culture. South Asian weddings such as in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi weddings tend to offer limited opportunities to actually shoot the bride while she is getting ready. You would face that problem more or less in all cultures though. The safest bet is to make some shots before she starts getting ready, and then when she is almost ready.