Engagement photos are an ideal type of image to shoot outdoors. Using the elements and lighting present outside in a natural setting like the beach, garden, or woodlands can help create breathtaking pictures perfect for a couple to use to begin their wedding photo journey and announce their special day.

Capitalize on the natural lighting and all the environmental elements outdoors

Here are a few tips to help you capitalize on the natural lighting and all the environmental elements outdoors just waiting to enhance your client’s engagement photos.

Take Advantage of “The Golden Hour”

Sunset, also known as “The Golden Hour”, is probably the most perfect time of day for photographing couples. The lighting is, well, golden, and makes everything look its best, including your clients. Be sure to time your shoot accordingly whenever possible to take advantage of this beautiful, natural lighting.

Shoot in the Shade

Of course, not every shoot can occur during The Golden Hour. However, full sun isn’t all that great for lighting engagement photos either as its way too harsh. In these situations, look for shade coupled with some good natural reflectors to help create softer light even in a full sun situation.

Find Natural Reflectors

When light is bounced off of a reflector it’s softer and helps light the image more evenly. Reflectors can be hard to bring with you and set up outside though. No worries. Rocks, statues, even a concrete sidewalk can make excellent natural reflectors; and often work even better than traditional ones.

Consciously Compose the Image

Clouds, falling water, mossy rocks, flowers, and other environmental elements like these add excitement, and depth to your client’s engagement photos. Be sure to consciously compose and crop the image so that these natural elements can bring as much as possible to the photo.

Keep these tips in mind and begin encouraging your clients to take their engagement photos outside so they can use the beautiful lighting and environmental elements already present in nature to create unforgettable images they’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

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