A wedding album is a true reportage of the event. In order to do it well, one needs time, and the following suggestions will help save you time!

1) Prepare A Storyboard

Your field work will be more easily accomplished if you have a storyboard planned out. It should indicate the images that, according to you and based on your clients requests, are the most important, and also those that are less important.

2) Prepare Alternative Solutions

It’s best to have several storyboards to propose. You will waste less time explaining to your client the alternative solutions, and at the same time, you’ll steer them toward the shots that you do best.

3) Shoot in RAW

The files that that you produce should be in RAW format. This will allow you to have all qualities possible during the post-production process.

4) White Balance

The areas in which you’ll work: churches, restaurants, different locations with various lighting. Always control the White Balance before every photo session. You’ll lose less time in post-production if you do.

5) Synchronize Cameras: Same Date And Time

Synchronize the cameras that you use to have the same date and time. You’ll find files more easily that are shot at the same time as your assistant/ second photographer, or with different focal lengths.

6) Professional Design Program

When you create the design layout of a wedding album, always choose a software that is supplied by a professional lab. You’ll save time on color correction of images.

7) Prepare Proofs For The Bride And Groom

Before creating a design layout, show the proofs to the bride and groom so they can choose their favorites. Make sure you show them correctly calibrated and pre-selected photos to choose from. Advise them on their final choice of images, offering suggestions on those that might compliment the design well.

8) Compose A Story

The wedding album, like a book or magazine, has a first page and a last page. These are the beginning and the end of a story, one that will be told by images. Compose accordingly, as to tell a story with your images.

9) Choose A Logical Order

Images should be laid out in a logical order, based on the order of events. Some photos will be printed larger, others (less important) will be printed smaller.

10) Type Of Layout

The design layout of a wedding album is not only made up of images. You should choose graphics and a composition that is coherent to the way you want to tell the story.

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