Taking proper photos isn’t difficult. The added value in your images comes from the creativity you put into them.

Creative photos

Creativity isn’t a skill acquired overnight, but rather something that you gain through experience.

Discover how to capture more creative images by reading this article!

1) Always Propose New Shots

Don’t limit yourself to the safe frames and poses that you are comfortable using, even if your clients appreciate them. Branch out a bit and introduce new shots to your selection. A wedding album should never be repetitive.

2) Prepare Alternative Solutions

It’s a good idea to inspect the location where wedding photos will be taken. Try to get a feel for the types of frames you will want to capture, and be creative in the process!

3) Think Of New Poses Before The Wedding

Dedicate a portion of your time to studying new poses, asking for help from models or friends who are willing to participate. Experimenting with new shots while at the wedding is never a good idea.

4) Prepare An Outline Of The Photos For the Wedding Album

Once you have tried out some new poses, create an outline of the ones you want to capture and bring it with you to the wedding. You’ll need it to help you snap photos with ease and security, since you were only practicing them before.

5) Study Other Wedding Photographers’ Work

Looking at wedding albums of other photographers is very useful. You don’t want to copy what they do, but instead draw inspiration and gain new ideas for your own work.

6) Look At Our Profile On Pinterest

If you want some new ideas, visit our profile on Pinterest you’ll find new images to spark your creativity and inspire you to take your photography to the next level!

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