During a professional photography service, unexpected difficulties can happen at any time. The weather changes and the location, which you spent time studying in advance, is no longer usable. Sometimes the lighting is less than what we found in our initial inspection.

These unexpected difficulties shouldn’t frighten you. Just prepare yourself! Read this article to discover the 5 ways you can create a professional photo shoot in any situation.

1) The Lighting Is Lower Than Expected

If you’re in a church with low lighting, you can use two flashes. The first, equipped with a small flash diffuser, should be on the camera. This is needed to provide diffused light. The second flash should be placed on a flash shoe stand behind the subjects in order to provide you with a backlight. The equipment is whatever you typically carry in your bag, something light and versatile. The backlight can be moved quickly and easily by an assistant, or you can move it.

2) Take Advantage of the Luminosity of the Lenses

Luminous lenses give great results if used at maximum aperture. The technicians who construct them can affirm it. Take advantage of this characteristic when you find yourself in a situation with scarce light and you don’t want to use elevated sensors for fear of a grainy image. The depth of field at an F2.8 or F1.4 aperture is very reduced. Have a go and be creative with out of focus images.

3) Clouds: a Natural Diffuser

A cloudy day is perfect to capture softly lit portraits. It’s like having a big studio flash diffuser, which is very useful for group photos. Be careful with the white balance. The color temperature on cloudy days is high and it causes dominant blues. Always select the custom white balance option.

4) The Shade That Saves Your Photos

The midday sunlight is not a photographer’s friend. Dark shadows, squinted eyes, dark circles. Position the shots in the shade: a wall, an archway. You’ll have soft, diffused lighting that is perfectly adapted for portraits.

5) Window Lighting

Window lighting will give you the same effect as the diffused lights used in the studio. The windows in the restaurant room, where the reception is held after the ceremony are diffusers that you can use for portrait and indoor figures. Be careful of curtain, as they can introduce dominant colors to your images.

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