Choosing the correct lens to have on hand during your wedding shoot has to be well thought out. You don't need to burden yourself with unnecessary weight, but don't eliminate everything that you need.

A lightweight, yet complete supply is the first step toward good photographic services.

Use a fixed medium telephoto lens, about 80mm, and F 1.4 for outdoor natural light portraits. Two zoom, 24-70mm and 70-200mm, and F2.8 for shots indoors with natural light. Don't forget to have at least two cameras, with lenses that have different focal lengths, always ready to take pictures.

1) Put Only Fixed-Focus Lenses In The Bag?

In many cases, while you are shooting the photos for the wedding album, you can't move around as you would like to in order to have the shots framed as you would like. Having a fixed-frame lens is a disadvantage. In the best case scenario it constrains you a supplementary post production job. In the worst case scenario it won't allow you to take the wedding photos that you would like to take. In order to cover the number of zoom lenses you are forced to put a large quantity of them in your bag, which renders a greater weight.

2) You've Decided To Bring Just One Lens?

The equipment becomes lighter, but you lose the possibility of capturing all of the moments that present themselves. Don't forget that wedding photos are like a reportage. Interesting situations are spontaneous and you have to capture them on the fly. If you don't have the correct lens, you will lose an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism.

3) You Only Use Wide-Angle Lenses?

The space you have to work within for taking wedding photos is quite limited. If you only use wide angle lenses you are forced, in a lot of cases, to move closer to the subject, and that it not always possible. A wide angle lens for a portrait shot can pose two risks: the first is having a deformed portrait, and the second is that it will force you to crop more photos during the post production process.

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