A wedding photography service should always consist of the basic poses: the bride at home, in the church, at the reception venue, etc.

A good photographer, however, will not limit himself or herself to just these poses. Wedding photography, in general, started out as a simple documentation of the day, but through time, it has transformed into a grand event that requires a truly skilled and professional photographer.

Don't miss out on this article to discover the 3 alternative poses to capture the bride at her best angles.

Simple is better

You should look to fashion photography to gain inspiration for new pose ideas. The bride is the star of the show for at least one day, so don’t let her down. Don’t limit yourself to the routine poses, but remember not to exaggerate with unlikely or forced poses. Remember that the bride should always appear beautiful, serene and happy.

1) For Portraits, Use A Medium Telephoto Lens

For portraits of the bride, be sure to use a classic medium telephoto lens, even better if it’s high luminosity. When used at full aperture, it will give you the affect of a background that is slightly blurred, keeping the attention on the bride.

2) Shooting Upward (from down low)

Snapping shots from down low while aiming the camera upward will place emphasis on the dress. Be careful not to take deformed pictures by using a wide angle lens.

3) Shooting Downward (from above)

Shots taken from above while aiming the camera downward will always create an impact. The bride with her dress elongated, as if she were a flower, will always create a pleasant image. Make sure you don’t use a wide angle lens for these shots, otherwise you’ll have an uneven perspective.

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