A couple of years ago a professional wedding photographer from the East Coast shared his preferred method for backing up high-resolution images and album design files. In order to ensure that his files remain safe, every three months he burns a number of CDs/DVDs with his latest work and mails them to another photographer on the West Coast. His friend, in turn, does the same.

Popular backing up solutions

That back up option is already a bit obsolete with all of the technology available today, so here are a few of the most popular options, specifically for professional photographers, to ensure that all of their files remain protected.

Offline Storage Options

An effective solution is having an external hard drive with plenty of space, between 1-3 terabytes depending on the amounts of files that need to be stored. Of course, external hard drives are nothing more than a piece of technology. Technology is really helpful most of the time, but unfortunately not all the time. It never guarantees 100% performance.

Online Storage Options

Some of the most popular online storage options are Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox. Even better platforms for images which are not just being stored, but also can be shared with customers and to sell prints are: SmugMug, Collages and Zenfolio. Please keep in mind that all of the examples mentioned above do have some limitations.

An alternative online storage option without the limitations of the previous ones is hosting your own website and uploading your high-resolution images to it. You can do that by having a hosting plan in addition to your domain name. You will also need to install a service like WordPress and a gallery plug-in in order to have full control over your images. Note: This option is only for web tech savvy photographers.


Remember. Don’t take any chances! As a professional photographer by trade, you can’t risk losing your RAW files, JPEGs, PSD files and album designs because you have no archive.
Backing up your work is not an option. It’s a must!

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