The wedding album is the expression of a unique event that the spouses want to remember. As a photographer, it is important you can “print” this fully detailed memory. The ceremony, the banquet and the bride dress should have the right value in the wedding album. And do not forget the guests.

1) The bride’s dress

An important element of the wedding is the bride’s dress. Even the less traditional bride places particular emphasis on dress and its choice is always the result of extensive research. Your images should enhance its beauty and satisfy the pride of the bride who is wearing it. Particularly elaborate wedding dresses are a true “wedding invitation…” for the photographer. Show off the fabric and ornaments, using backlighting and light cuts. You can dedicate an entire section of the album to the dress of the bride. You will make her happy!

2) Customized Covers

All couples want their wedding album to be the most beautiful they’ve ever seen. Your task is to make it unique, tailored on their needs and their taste. Venice Album offers you the opportunity to put together a wedding album always different, not only inside, but also starting from the cover. You can choose the type of album and personalize the cover with one of the pictures you took during the ceremony, or you can offer any of our graphic solutions. It’s all about those small details that give the album some extra chance to be unique.

3) Wedding albums for friends and relatives

The wedding couple has chosen friends and relatives one by one. Aside the wedding album, you could offer some other matching albums specifically dedicated to them. Venice Album offers real books for guests, printed on photo or offset matte or glossy paper, with hard or soft cover. Select size and graphics, according to the requests. Bring happiness to brides and grooms.

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